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19 Coupons in Weekly Deals

  • $199.99 Kingston v300 SSD 240GB Upgrade Kit.
  • $99.99 Kingston v300 SSD 128 GB Upgrade Kit.
  • $99.99 PNY USB 120GB Flash Drive
  • $119.99 Toshiba® 3TB desktop hard drive.
  • $49.99 PNY USB 64GB Flash Drive
  • $99.99 Toshiba® 2TB desktop hard drive.
  • $9.99 SanDisk® 8GB standard microSD™ flash memory card.
  • $9.99 SanDisk® 8GB standard SD™ flash memory card.
  • 50% off all Staples Better® binders.
  • And more!

Other deals from Staples

The list was last updated on May 10, 2013

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Different types of coupons offered

Staples offers coupons that would provide $50 off on branded desktop and laptop computers, Free shipment coupons when the order value is greater than a particular range, Coupons that provide $100 discount on Windows 7 PCs, when purchased through the Visa debit card, Coupons providing flat 35% discount on the listed product, coupons offering 50% discount on certain security software, coupons offering a savings of $18 on purchase of flash drives and many such exciting discount offers.

How to make use of the coupons

When you select a particular option from the list provided in the web site, you would be provided with instructions on how to avail the discount provided. Normally, you have to go to the Staples online portal, and select the product you want to purchase and while checking out, you need to provide the coupon code that was provided in the web site coupon listing. You have to type the coupon code if you had noted down some where or you could also copy paste the coupon code from the web site that lists all the coupon codes. There are also sales coupons that are provided in the web site. In order to make use of this coupon, you have to go to the Staples portal and follow the instructions that are provided there. There are also printable coupons where in you need to show a printed copy of the discount coupon that you had found in the coupon web site at the staples store at the time of billing.

Finding Staples coupons online

Many use Google to search for the coupons or other merchant coupons. While Google does throw up some sites, not all the sites contain the relevant coupons. Some coupons are totally outdated, but still being listed in the web site. Some coupons might not be accepted at the stores. Hence it is essential to look for online coupons from a trusted web site like this web site. By using the coupon codes and printable Staples coupon provided in this web site, you are sure to get the promised discounts from Staples.


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